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Welcome to Blade Mistress Reborn, a nostalgic fantasy ultra-low bandwidth 3D MMORPG!

Blade Mistress is a garage development effort, which means that Blade Mistress is more focused on listening to the players and growing complex and compelling game play, and less focused on cutting-edge graphics and me-to game mechanics.

Having said that, Blade Mistress very obviously has the same kill-monsters-and-loot mechanics as almost every other MMORPG. The difference is that this feature of Blade Mistress is a beginning, not an end. In other words, the Blade Mistress development team is committed to growth and change in whatever way the majority of users feel is best. We expect that Blade Mistress will eventually look and play very differently than it does now.

Blade Mistress has simple combat, trading, crafting, chatting, character advancement, and magic. It also has dungeons that can be edited by the players themselves.


Navigation in Game is based on a grid system and movement is made square by square. Click to move into squares, or use the up arrow to move forward.

Green clad NPC's. Obtain your skills from these guys.

Blue clad NPC's. These are where you bring your simple items to sell. They also hold a stack of usable items that are available for purchase.

Town Mage
Red clad NPC's. You can access your account storage from here. They will heal you for a fee and hey can also make travel faster by teleporting you to other towns.

Make your player character unique by increasing it's abilities. There is a wide range of skills that will help you progress in game.

Combat skill, your ability to avoid your opponents attacks. The only thing which really limits you is being able to find something suitable to train against!

Craft skill for making weapons.

There are 8 different magic skills. Using the proper combination on totems will produce better totems. Magic is also used to hatch dragon eggs.

Skill for mages, create your own dungeon with monsters that have your desired lvl.

Increase your fighter's abilities by crafting totems.

Pet Dragons
Use magic skill to hatch your own dragon pets. There are many different types but they all help you in combat.

Many Realms, bosses, special items
Join us and explore many more fantastic features.