The dungeon chest loot issue.

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The dungeon chest loot issue.

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It was not a change to the code that caused them to go back to one loot only like on punishers.

To find the answer, we must look to the source. Which we can do, since it's public. :)

Once upon a time, dungeons selected mistresses, who could then edit the dungeon, and move monsters and walls and stuff.

Then chests were added. the mistress was supposed to protect the chest with challenging layouts, and got payouts if they were online.

Then a feature was added where the loot sucked if there was no mistress.
Blade Mistress Readme wrote: And hey presto! Treasure chests are in! Thanks for Andrei for the spiffy chest.
They work as detailed below, with ONE big addition. The treasure chests only spawn
good loot if there is a mistress. How do you know if there's a mistress? There will
be a particle effect at the entrance to the cave mouth. If the cave mouth is empty
and dull, there's no one home, and no good loot to be had. ... e.txt#L170

and the code is found here. ... p.cpp#L559

as you can see if there is nomaster, the count is capped to one.

Then why were they dropping extras before?

The reason is the master data was not properly specified in the dungeon files.

Specifically, the old ones said "NO MISTRESS" when the correct format was "NOMASTER", causing the server to think it had a master, and bypass the limit code. ... p.cpp#L239

When punisher's dungeons were dropped in to restore the original layouts, that triggered the limiting code again restoring punisher's behavior.

Once us devs realized the problem, it was quickly fixed by commenting out the limiter code, restoring the expected behavior and allowing dungeons to have multiple loot in the chest again.

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Re: The dungeon chest loot issue.

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Very nice :) One more problems solved
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