Geomancy calculator

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Geomancy calculator

Post by Rywanda »

this tool don't work with the last java update, to solve it, im using update 151, maybe 161 be good too.

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Re: Geomancy calculator

Post by MVM »

Thanks for the info! Good to know.
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Re: Geomancy calculator

Post by Kryy »

I've been having some difficulty getting the geo calc to work as well. Is it possible to host it so it's usable with the browser on the website?

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Re: Geomancy calculator

Post by Bathory »

Even when embedded on a webpage, you'll still need the client-sided java environment to run it.
As long as I play BM I didn't get in contact with the original creator of that app.
However, I created a tutorial for BM on Linux back at BMReturns Forums with a Link to a JRE that's working with Slayer's Calc.

Give it a try with JRE
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Re: Geomancy calculator

Post by Furi »

It wasn't working for me so I found out that if you are using 64bit version of java it doesn't work.

I installed the 32bt and works fine

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